Dream Wedding: Cristiano Ronaldo married herself

Dream Wedding: Cristiano Ronaldo married herself

Madrid – The Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has married today in the wake of a romantic ceremony the person he loves most: himself for colleagues and friends of the 29 -year-olds, the news came not very surprising, according to media reports.. Ronaldo – time friend and model Irina Sheyk showed, however, disappointed but congratulated the newlyweds still wholeheartedly.

Long is the top scorer of the Portuguese national team have spent every free minute in front of the mirror. The courage to make yourself a marriage proposal, but he had found only a year ago during a romantic candle- lit dinner.

This is where the wedding took place. Cristiano Ronaldo, who wants to keep his last name claims to have said on his website:’ For many ladies is now perhaps a disappointment, but I followed my heart in this decision. There simply is no one in the world I nearly so erotic, so handsome and so personable think like me. I’m just a stunner !’

800 guests attended Cristiano Ronaldo announced on Thursday in the Almudena Cathedral vows. During the wedding ceremony will be the lucky groom according to eyewitnesses always come back tears of emotion, such as he is infected or the ring when he promised to love and to cherish, till death do it. However, as a particularly emotional moment the wedding guests should the moving 15 -minute pledge of allegiance remembered that Ronaldo with quivering voice itself was reading

CR7 with his singing performance The subsequent celebrations may be considered as befitting. So graced a scale Cristiano Ronaldo- Ice Sculpture lush buffet. In a stunning showpiece for the visitors was the well-known solo’ Something Stupid’ the best and as wrote shortly before sunset a sport plane a giant heart with the inscription CR7 in the sky, it could be the groom not take to pull his shirt over his head and on his knees to slide across the lawn.

Where we want to go on a honeymoon, did not reveal Cristiano Ronaldo. However, this is not important, as it will in any case hardly left the hotel room, the world footballer with a wink.

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