Died inventor of intercourse with 104 years

Died inventor of intercourse with 104 years

Catanzaro – billion followers mourn the loss of a legend: Last weekend, the Italian inventor Fabio Sivori has died at the age of 104 years, after a long illness. He became famous mainly due to the development of sexual intercourse in 1931. Today Sivori invention is practiced all over the world.

In its discovery, the Italian was particularly inspired by nature, according to the records of the Sex pioneer. While at the beginning, according to witnesses only three positions were possible, the repertoire was expanded with time of imitators and inventors known today for diversity.

In this bed (part of Fabio Sivori Sex Museum ) was intercourse invented According to Silvia Monticelli, one of his many former employees, the sex but has developed after a few months of experimentation to a self-perpetuating. But we had encountered a revolution of leisure, the scientist who still fills an entire hall at their seminars today.

Sivori itself remained despite the incredible success of his idea always in the background. So he resigned in 1935 expressly to royalties billions of dollars in the use of his invention.

Today, his work has barely critics. That was in the early days yet different: Between 1940 and 1942 his invention in the United States, Australia and Spain was banned because of moral concerns. The surface – so Sivori in his diaries – but I never stopped

Today his discovery of the most important in the history of humanity is one.. Is second in importance Sivori possibly even by the Japanese Haruki Ishiguro, who invented the food according to lore end of the 14th century.

Fabio Sivori leaves 327 children and grandchildren in 1296.

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