Dead rock legend Elvis Presley (79 )

Dead rock legend Elvis Presley (79 )

Pago Pago / American Samoa – The King is Dead On Sunday, the former singer, musician and actor Elvis Presley (79 ) passed away peacefully in his adopted hometown of Pago Pago on the Pacific island of Tutuila, surrounded by his family.. Presley, who ended his active career in 1977, applies with an estimated one billion records sold as the most successful solo artists worldwide.

To him knew his fans: Presley in 1973 came into the limelight of public Presley mid 50’s, when he scored his rockabilly sound and his provocative appearances in the conservative southern states of sensation and soon became a star,

As Presley’s greatest coup but his supposed death on August 16, 1977 may apply, which catapulted him to new heights of fame. Burnt by fame and drug abuse decided the then 42 -year-old to draw and feigned a few intimates his untimely demise the ripcord.

But even then he could not let go of everything: Until well into the 90s in Presley gave as an Elvis impersonator dressed concerts all over the world, which he completed deliberately drunk, so as not to betray by too flawless performance. His last years were spent, the former King of Rock n Roll with his other great passion, collecting exotic bottle labels.

Elvis Presley is survived by his third wife Linda Kramer Presley (54 ), his five children Lisa Marie ( 46), Hartmut (40 ), Elvis Junior ( 38) Maddox Sky ( 33) and latecomer Miley -Sunshine (21 ) and 284 doses Murray’s Superior Hair Dressing pomade and more than 700 framed Samoan beer labels.

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