Court ruling: Spain must call an EU-wide vacant King site

Court ruling: Spain must call an EU-wide vacant King site

Madrid – to now it was after the abdication of King Juan Carlos believes that his son Felipe would automatically move up to the throne. But as the European Court of Justice (ECJ ) ruled now, the Spanish government must announce the king place according to the rules across the EU. For the job as the new Rey de EspaƱa now be able to apply all citizens of the European Union, unless they are of age.

The plaintiff was a 37 -year-old unemployed from Latvia, who felt passed over for the throne in a discriminatory manner.

The / winners / in the tender shall for the duration of his term this beautiful coat of arms lead to the tendering procedures is Spain according to the ECJ committed because King Juan Carlos was last rewarded with well over 250,000 euros annually from the Spanish treasury. Already as a threshold of 200 bar. However, 000 euros have service contracts EU – wide basis, according to the guidelines of the European Union in order to avoid nepotism.

Shortly after the announcement of the new succession process, people from all over Europe have expressed interest. In detail, looking for a confident male or female person with a penchant for uniforms is ready to provide against high pay no significant contribution to the common good, it is said in the announcement.

Like its predecessor already should the new applicants knowledge have in dealing with affairs as well as in elephant hunting. Spanish skills are desirable but not mandatory.

The previously considered safe heir Filipe has now announced plans to try his luck and apply according to the guidelines. But even when unsuccessful bid he could still ascend the throne as the proud winner of the parallel advertised and also gender- independent Queen competition.

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