Counselor: So does your behavior on Facebook

Counselor: So does your behavior on Facebook

Wiesbaden – SCHUFA, Germany’s largest business investigations, plans to continue to collect data on the creditworthiness of consumers on Facebook and other internet sources. But how does this affect our behavior in social networks on the SCHUFA base core (between 1 and 100 percent)? The postilion exclusively released the new secret directives of the credit reporting agency:


Album message’ Can I any of you borrow 5000 euro? I’m totally broke. Well, as long as the SCHUFA nothing white.': Base Core -30 %

Album message’ Will be anyone lend me 5000 euros? I’m so ass full of money, I do not know where to put it.': Base Core 30 %

Album message’ Hey! I’ll be rich because I put my entire fortune in Facebook shares !!!! 11elf ! 1′: Base Core -99 %

chairs not only around, but also

on the bag: Babies Baby Photo Post: Base Core -10 % per child Post

Yacht photo: Basic Core 10% per yacht

Hobbies’ Save’,’ pay debts’,’ bank balances result in Plus': Base Core 5% each

Hobbies’ wasting money’,’ ward off creditors’,’ bank balances result in negative’,’ trick SCHUFA': Basic Core depending -5 %

Happiness nut open: Basic Core -1 % per nut banned

friend who opens the lucky nuts: Basic Core 1% for each friend

Depending hundred friends with base core below 10 %: Basic Core -5 %

Depending hundred friends with base core over 90 %: Basic Core 5 %

be friends with Franjo Pooth: Basic Core – 15 %

on Facebook follow SCHUFA Holding AG: Base Core 20 %

Do not take the SCHUFA on Facebook: basic Core set -20 %

Fake account under the name of an arch-enemy and beg for money, post baby photos, happiness nuts open etc.: Basic Core nemesis of up to -99 %


The Alibi account still not maintain: Basic Core / -0


premium account at Xing: Basic Core 5 %

Not at Xing: The contact with mucous business fuzzy based Core -5 %

( = any Xing – user ): Basic Core 1 %

Under the previous or current employers are source, Schlecker, Arcandor, Opel or the FDP: Basic Core depending -5 %

current Employers SCHUFA: Basic Core 50 %

Who twitters SCHUFA criticism, has a bird Twitter

Tweet’ I think it’s outrageous that the #schufa now already social network snooping': Base Core -20 %

Tweet’ I find it amazing that the #schufa exploits the opportunities offered by social networks. So the score is determined more precisely': Base Core 20 %

All Networks

liken this article, retweet, 1s etc.: Basic Core drops to 0, all bank accounts are frozen within 24 hours you will receive a visit from debt collection staff that will break both your legs and put a severed horse head in your bed

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