Coalition agreement says: The most important project of the new government at a glance

Coalition agreement says: The most important project of the new government at a glance

Berlin – Good News ! The coalition agreement between the CDU and the SPD is now finally, after the last disputed points were clarified by six clock in the morning in a grueling game of knick – paper-scissors (not well) between Nahles and Horst Seehofer. The postilion has researched usual serious and presents the most important plans of the new government at a glance:

car Muat

Will come: Car Muat for aliens In the election campaign Angela Merkel had stated:’. with me, there will be no toll for cars’ Thus, the Chancellor can not be accused of breach word to CSU and SPD have agreed on the introduction of a so-called’ car Muat’. Since the car Muat already applies only to foreigners, no one is likely to disturb the name change.


CSU and SPD have a generally binding, comprehensive, Germany -wide minimum wage of 8 50 euros agreed. The system shall have only low earners and everyone else who earn less than € 8.50 per hour.

Mothers pension

Is pleased to forward to the pension: Mother Mothers will be allowed to hang their job on the nail and retire at the age of 65 years ( 67 as of 2029 ). This means that retired mothers their lazy sons do not have to wash the clothes, nothing to get Mother’s Day and more other children are allowed into the world under any circumstances. Mothers, which does not meet the often meager pension mothers may be to earn as granny something.

In the long term also fathers’, Aunt, uncle-, Schwiegermutter- and cousins ​​- third – degree pension will be introduced.

tax increases

To the poor rich in this not unnecessarily burden the country, there should be no tax increases


His sweat worth it soon. temporary workers temporary workers may be hired only for a period of 18 months. Then hefty late fees are due. In addition, the employer must pay fines if temporary workers are returned damaged (donkey ears, arm ripped out ).

No later than nine months have temporary workers are entitled to the same pay as permanent staff. However, the CDU was able to assert that the wages a temporary employee may be thrown into old crumpled bills with a dismissive grunt’s feet.


The educational policy of the Union and SPD is set out in the Coalition Agreement as follows:’ Union and SPD are committed to the formation of a grand coalition.’

quota for women

At least 30 percent of the German population must be female.


This data is not easily escape into the air, they should be stored Union and SPD have learned from the NSA affair. In order to know about the future as well as the Americans of German citizens, they want to implement retention. For this purpose are huge storehouse are created can be stored in the insufficient data to provide intelligence itself after a nuclear war at least five years of work.

Dual Citizenship

future must children of foreign parents are no longer on the 23rd Age choose which citizenship. However, those who retains his foreign passport, car Muat must pay.


union leader to use its two-thirds majority in Parliament to abolish the opposition as soon as possible.

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