Clarified doubts Free: There are more than one Rudi Voller

Clarified doubts Free: There are more than one Rudi Voller

Heidelberg – Yes, how many are there now? Scientists at the University of Heidelberg have an old folk wisdom refuted: How could they prove beyond doubt in a recent study, there is, contrary to popular opinion more than just a Rudi Voller.

Professor Winfried Hinnerksen, whose assistant Frank Silbert conducted about two- minute research, announced this morning with the results of the study, a moderately interested in world opinion.

also Does Rudi Voller and thought previously, the song go there around him: a Rudi Voller from Frankfurt ( Oder) Thus, there is in Germany at least six people with the name’ Rudolf Voller’.’ The sung like manner’ There is only one Rudi Voller’ thus contains a significant substantive error, the only serious shines through the insistent repetition of false testimony,’ says Professor Hinnerksen.

For the study Hinnerksen took the full name of the former football national player and current sports chiefs of Bayer 04 Leverkusen, Rudolf Voller as a starting point for this was meant by Rudi Voller in the folk song.’ It is very likely that the rest of us discovered Rudolf Voller also have received from their acquaintances and family the quite common nickname Rudi’, so the professor.

The exact number of men who bear the name of Rudolf Voller, if only to appreciate, added assistant Frank Silbert.’ Not all of them made ‚Äč‚Äčtheir data to the phone book or any online portals. So’ It is quite possible that there are more people with this name.

Meanwhile, Professor Hinnerksen announced for the evening to do a further study.’ We want to check whether the average visitor of a football stadium really knows where the referee has parked,’ said the 68 – year-old. The results are expected tomorrow morning.

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