Children, Finance, Transportation: What will change everything on August 1,

Children, Finance, Transportation: What will change everything on August 1,

Berlin – Everything neugust makes the Eugust: According to this old adage effect on 1 August, numerous changes from the care benefit to preventative barn owls Regulation for temporary workers (not included in this guide ) came into force. The postilion as always, has researched very carefully and clears his readers exclusively on of the most important legislative changes and their implications:

legal entitlement to childcare place:

Every child aged one year and has now a legal right to a place in a daycare center. Who hitherto had no Kita- space, so must put his child in a day care center of their choice before the door, ring the bell and run away.

Due to a loophole in the law ( in legal terms is practically a’ child aged one year’ each ) also will be issued also in need of care retiree or lazy partner

As would be 100 euros for pain and suffering enough Nursing money.

From the first August obtain Bavarian parents who do not bring their one- and two- year-old children in a public kindergarten, a service fee of 100 euros a month, unless they can prove that they have voted in the last five elections for the CSU.

tax equality of civil partnerships:

Following the decision of the Federal Constitutional Court, the income tax can now be jointly assessed even when life partners. Was particularly applauded the new rules of homosexual accountants, which should both professionally and personally benefit

Minimum Wage Hairdressers and scaffolders.

In order to curb wage dumping in certain industries, valid from August for the craft of hairdressing minimum wage dumping of 6.50 euros per hour in the East and 7.50 in the West, scaffolders receive 10 euros per hour. Cynical: Because rising prices for haircuts and the erection of scaffolding by raising the minimum wage for hairdressers and scaffolders to Hairdressers and scaffolders can still afford haircuts or the erection of scaffolding

Galt long as an alternative. to brake: Dynamo The Dynamo duty falls:

Bicycles must have no more light powered by a dynamo, to be considered roadworthy. In future rich a clamped between his teeth flashlight, a crimson head or attached to the handlebar disco strobe flash lights ( cool effect !).

Residents of the Saxon capital to choose their favorite soccer club now free.

tariff increase in the Berlin transport:

for hours waiting for the failed S -Bahn, costs from € 2.60 instead of 2.40 € immediately (AB ), short-haul 1,50 € instead of 1,40 €, Black continues to ride free of charge

The Power protection law comes into force.

From 1.8. enters the related right for press publishers in force. It allows them to require Internet service fees if this is more than a few words to quote from publishing texts. The postilion Media Holding is explicitly not take this right, but is it ready to take over the traffic of all media who were stupid enough to dispense with Google News .

the month digit in the date is changed to 8:

Galt until recently that a 7 month instead of the current date dominated (eg, 03/07/2013, 07/22/2013 ) to time on August 1 ( 01.08.2013 ) 8 become the norm. Critics of the new rules, however, complain that the 8 already in a month is likely to be obsolete again.

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