Cabinet Merkel III: All the ministers of the grand coalition Overview

Cabinet Merkel III: All the ministers of the grand coalition Overview

Berlin – After the approval of the SPD base ( according Stimmvieh Regulation 32/325 ) is the grand coalition. Consequently presented the government parties on the weekend finally the new ministers. Who is responsible for what? Were there any surprises? The postilion has researched very well and provides its readers with those people before, the’ make Germany’s future’ in the next four years:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel ( CDU)

Right at the first of Personnel, there is a fist-sized surprise: German Chancellor Angela Merkel will be in the new government Merkel hold not quite unimportant Office of the Chancellor. SPD chancellor candidate Peer Steinbruck, this office has also desired goes, nothing.

Vice- Chancellor, Economy and Energy Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD )

Sigmar Gabriel is super-minister for economy and energy. This has the advantage, among other things, that the big energy companies do not have to bribe two different people. As vice chancellor Gabriel must also govern whenever Merkel is on vacation, sleeping or even just need to use the toilet.

Foreign Minister Frank -Walter Steinmeier ( SPD)

Frank -Walter Steinmeier Angela Merkel for his crushing defeat of the year 2009 ( SPD: 23%) awarded the prestigious Ministry of Foreign Affairs. To this office qualify him above all his years of experience in the smiles and handshakes as well as the ability to let go stale German citizen in US torture prisons.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière (CDU )

Thomas de Maizière is Merkel’s gofer ( 2009-2010 Secretary of the Interior, 2010-2011 Prime Minister, Minister of Defense from 2011 to 2013 ). Among his most important tasks should search for opportunities for EuroHawk drones inside and the cover-up of the NSA scandal (

Clown Minister Beppo Staffone (CSU )

The Clown Ministry goes to the long-standing stupid August jester, micro-car driver and spray flowers aficionado Beppo Staffone. And he shall bring the criminally neglected in recent decades Blodel sector forward again and Horst Seehofer considered as main point of contact in Berlin.

Justice Minister Heiko Maas (SPD )

For a big surprise the appointment of Heiko Maas made ​​to the Minister of Justice. Experts suggest that the 47- year-old was chosen mainly because he is inexperienced enough to wave through retention and other violations of fundamental rights. Brisant: Because Maas must move to Berlin, Saarland loses 33 percent of its inhabitants.

Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble ( CDU)

Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble remains, of course. This has to do not only with his vast experience in the Receiving money suitcases: Congruent ends According to press reports also trust no one to take away his Ministry, he hoarsely always as’ My darling!’ referred to.

Labour Minister Nahles (SPD )

Even though many of them had seen more in the Clown Ministry, the ever-popular Nahles Minister of Labour and Social Affairs. It is believed that they will use their positions primarily for making the world so they wiedewidewie she likes. In addition, their voice will be used to deter unemployed.

Agriculture Minister Hans -Peter Friedrich ( CSU)

That Hans -Peter Friedrich had to give the Interior Ministry and’only’ will be Minister of Agriculture, is a shock to many. In his new role Friedrich will not only be used for storage grain storage but also for the continuous monitoring of all fields to prevent pilfering.

Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU )

Ursula has all the prerequisites for a Defence Minister von der Leyen. As a mother of 29 children, she is accustomed to discipline troops. The necessary heartlessness has placed in various ministries to the test. Von der Leyen is the perfect example of that ruthlessness is not reserved for the world of men.

Family Minister Manuela Schwesig (SPD )

likely as lactoseintolerante East German woman with lowering and splay been Manuela Schwesig appointed Minister mainly due to regional proportional representation and the goal of Gabriel minimum proportion of women be. In addition, it is also the visual and acoustic counterpart to Nahles.

Traffic and Internet Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU )

In every cabinet there is traditionally a post which is awarded only as a practical joke and solely serves the other ministers look good to leave. During the last legislative session Development Minister Dirk Niebel allowed to take over this role is now Alexander’Internet’ Dobrindt turn.

Health Minister Hermann Grohe (CDU )

Hermann Grohe is rewarded for his loyalty (‘ Health, Ms Merkel’) for the Chancellor to the Ministry of Health. His background in this area so far not yet collect, but this one has as Minister of Health yes the nice gentlemen from the pharmaceutical lobby, a decrease most of the work.

Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks (SPD )

No one knows who is Barbara Hendricks. No one has yet ever seen anywhere. There is unfortunately no photo.

Education Minister Johanna Wanka (CDU )

Education Minister Johanna Wanka is one of the few who can keep their previous office. Some suspect it’s because that is the last doctorate Union politician, who has not been deprived of the doctorate, others speculate Merkel had the renewal of the Education Ministry simply forgotten.

Development Minister Gerd Muller ( CSU)

Gerd Muller is the new development minister. He is now responsible for the carpet smuggling must rows get FDP members in a ministry that he wanted to get rid of, and may strut around with a silly army cap between natives at least if he wants to run something like his ministry as its predecessor.

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