Bundeskartellamt determined: Illegal price-fixing in 1 – euro shops?

Bundeskartellamt determined: Illegal price-fixing in 1 - euro shops?

Bonn – That might not like discount hunters. The Bundeskartellamt has nationwide launched an investigation against numerous operators of 1- euro shops. Suspicion: The shop owners to have their products sold all at the same fixed price and thus deprived of fair competition

According to the authority they had come to the cartel after several references to the ropes..’ A study has shown that 1 – euro shops require completely independently exactly the same prices for their products,’ said the President of the Bundeskartellamt, Andreas Mundt.’ In almost all cases, it is explicitly referenced even in large logos and highly visible price tags. A three Sterer case, we rarely come across.’

No later than the weekend, the Authority will announce the amount of the fines, which is spread over several 1 – euro shops and independent stores throughout Germany. Experts consider a sentence of up to five million one-euro coins for expectable.

The market for 1 euro products is not the only one in which it is to be come to illegal price fixing. So there should also be a second cartel under the clearly ramschigeren 99 -cent stores next to the 1 – Euro – cartel in the premium segment. For this purpose, the Bundeskartellamt has not yet been expressed with reference to an ongoing investigation.

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