Botanist breed brown lawn to get dog waste problem under control

Botanist breed brown lawn to get dog waste problem under control

Munich – Everyone knows the sickening sight of littered with dog poop municipal parks. A team of botanists at the Ludwig – Maximilians- University wants to have found the ultimate solution to this pressing problem: the researchers developed a completely brown grass, dog feces on the quasi completely disappears.

Overall, the researchers spent four and a half years so just herauszuzuchten through the deliberate manipulation of genetic material, the right shade of brown. Other approaches, such as the breeding of a dog, who is leaving only green excrement, however, were already set unsuccessfully in the early phase of the project.

Used to be littered with dog feces: beautiful brown meadow’ Our new turf breeding eliminates the nuisance dog waste sustainably by creating their brown color with a harmonious environment,’ said Dr. Angela Fruehauf, which oversees the research. As a result, residents and pedestrians are no longer bothered by the visible everywhere heap. Children can play carefree on the brown surfaces, without being distracted by the sight of the infamous’ land mines’.

‘ We achieve a clear appreciation of the affected areas. If the cities and towns now even decide to use brown asphalt pavements, dog waste belongs in the cityscape thing of the past’, so Fruehauf.

Next, the researchers want to develop their turf breeding so that they also for dog waste characteristic fragrance exudes.

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