Boris Becker announces summer new book at: Why I failed as a coach

Boris Becker announces summer new book at: Why I failed as a coach

Glues – The successful author and media star Boris Becker has announced his next book on Thursday.’ Why I failed as a coach’ will appear in the next summer Herbig -Verlag. Becker, who had been a few days ago surprisingly engaged as coach of the tennis pro Novak Djokovic, will it be failure reappraise and sees it as’ an instructive lesson for the future’.

In the publishing announcement states:’ The date probably most thoughtful work of the three-time Wimbledon winner and bestselling author outlines in simple terms the month-long road full of misunderstandings between Becker and Djokovic, the lack of success, and finally the painful failure of tennis trainer.’

Does not rule out that his book might also appear much earlier: Becker order the book can go in time in the trade, a ghostwriter Becker from now on will accompany you in all training sessions at every turn. He should document all error tennis legend and work out the reasons for failure Beckers. Only three chapters will be devoted to doing the negative effects of Beckers close contacts with various tabloids and private feuds on Twitter.

‘ Why I failed as a coach’ but not only describes self-critical failure of the 46 -year-old Leimeners. Becker also announced that he would settle mercilessly with his totally overrated protege Novak Djokovic.

For 2015, other biographical titles already planned:’ Why I failed as a writer and why I did Oliver Pocher stretched out the woman’ promises personal insights into rivalries of the media world and offers a possible starting point for further books


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