BKA warns of eleven returnees from Australian Terror Camp

BKA warns of eleven returnees from Australian Terror Camp

Sydney, Berlin – Terror alert for Germany: One of eleven persons terror cell with narcissistic background obviously presents a tangible threat to German society is The suspects are, according to information from the Federal present the postilion , currently. in a terrorist camp in the Australian bush, where they undergo a rigorous training program.

According to the officials, the suspects – including ten German and a Briton – in their training camp after days of agony already completely brutalized and dulled. Most of them are young, uneducated, and found themselves in a professional crisis, which make them particularly susceptible to radicalization. Above all, the lack of recognition in Germany it is likely to have driven into the arms of unscrupulous camp operators.

Rumor has it that the occupants of the terror camps feed exclusively thereof. As the grouping Concerning operative similar to the Islamic state has a sophisticated propaganda machine and its agenda will bring for days in professionally produced videos under the population, extreme caution is necessary.

‘ But I want to emphasize that this has nothing to do with Islam,’ said a spokesman for the BKA compared to the postilion . Terrorism expert Pit Altmann from Queen’s College in London confirmed this assessment.’ These people do not speak Arabic, have not read the Quran and most likely never heard from the Prophet Mohammed.’

Despite early warnings in numerous TV magazines except the authorities have failed to prevent eleven suspects from leaving to Australia,

where the terrorist camp in the Australian outback is notorious to breed unrestrained media machines since 2004. Radicalized individuals were infiltrated by Germany again and again in recent years. Although their offentlicheitswirksame plans have been thwarted in general, but still be part of the German cultural landscape have not recovered from the damage caused imitators camp on mountain or in care model villas still thrills and chills.

What it currently does not give the authorities in the case in Australia suspects simple: As the team are completely unknown in Germany, their identity must first be confirmed in a complex process, before the first action to be taken


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