Billygoat Hennes changes for 12 million from 1. FC Cologne Bayern Munich

Billygoat Hennes changes for 12 million from 1. FC Cologne Bayern Munich

. Cologne, Munich – New Hammer transfer in the Bundesliga: Billy Goat Hennes VIII, the star of the German football mascot, switches to the end of the season from 1. FC Cologne German giants Bayern Munich. That gave the Cologne club management today. The transfer fee is around twelve million euros according to insiders.

With the change of traditional Bock also received a generous bounty of 16 salt stones to lick and a new three-year contract in Munich, where he live in a three-story attic barn and moved forward with a luxury livestock transporter of the Audi brand to the game.

Bavaria logo from 2015/16, 1. FC Koln, however, must remove the Billy Goat from all products in stock. Bayern chairman Karl -Heinz Rummenigge would be on the transfer, Hennes praises to the skies:’ We have been watching him closely for months. With its self-confident bleating way he can wear it with our southern German mentality. I’m sure he will settle down here quickly. Finally we have achieved in the important position mascot Champions League level.’

On the Internet, the messages have now triggered already outraged fan reactions to the change of the popular Cologne billy goat. In FC forums Hennes was – in the past due to its direct nature and its distinctive Sayings absolute fan favorite (‘Bee – eeeee moo – o- o- o- uh. !’) – Now partially as a’ traitor’,’ stupid goat’ or’ goats son’ insulted. That he makes use just two years after his last contract extension at Cologne of the opt-out, blame him many. Others express understanding for Hennes’ decision.’ But of course, that a buck changes with his talent eventually to a bigger club’, users commented on Dre on Facebook.’ After all, he’s been eight years old and maybe want something tear. Annoying I just think he’s just gone to shit Bavaria.’

Cologne manager Frank Bergner asserts Hennes will stand until the end of the season fully behind FC and support the team could.’ Hennes is professional enough to meet even in this situation his contract with 1. FC Koln’, so Bergner.

Rumor has it that the ratio of the billy goat disastrous appearance was never completely stress-free. Again and again Professionals FC

had complained to the manager about being constantly flamed Hennes.

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