Bild newspaper exposes GDL chief Claus Weselsky as a demon from hell Low

Bild newspaper exposes GDL chief Claus Weselsky as a demon from hell Low

Berlin – Many have suspected for some time now, we can confidently say Weselsky Claus is obviously a demon who was sent by Lucifer himself from the 7th Niederholle to bring a halt and destruction upon mankind. The report unanimously and in the usual factual manner Image , BZ , Berliner Kurier and Hamburger Morgenpost in their tomorrow’s editions,

For several weeks the tabloids speculated, could be Weselsky addition to his work as chairman of the Federal German train drivers union (GDL ) is also an important member of Satan’s legions. The true name of the zwiegehornten demons should read’ Weselskyor the world brakeman’. to

Maybe would have the name’ union diabolical train drivers’ make skeptical’ This is absolutely a good photo should bring all to silence critics who have accused us that we have shot ourselves in this highly complex industrial dispute in dubious manner to the person Weselsky’ said a spokeswoman for the Axel -Springer- Verlag.’ After all, he’s a fucking demon who drinks the blood of young children ! So we basically beat us on the employer side in such conflicts, which has absolutely nothing to do.’

As an additional service to their readers have several newspapers, including Image and BZ , phone number Weselskys ( 666 666 666 13) published so that customers can track their grievances personally air. Who wants to save telephone costs, can achieve the union boss directly by three times’ Weselsky’ testimony to the level of a train station toilet, which then appear in person in a sulfur cloud.

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