Baby born with no teeth: Shock

Baby born with no teeth: Shock

Panjin – A medical phenomenon currently represents physicians in northeast China’s Liaoning Province remains a mystery. There Earlier this week, a baby was born without teeth in the hospital Panjin City. The doctors go so far from a rare genetic defect.

First, the midwife announced the happy parents give birth to a healthy baby boy. But for a first examination of the small Tian then came the shock: Instead of teeth, the doctors found in the newborn’s mouth only soft gum, which is totally unsuitable for shredding of solid food

The Little Unlucky also had a grotesque appendix at the navel. that had to be surgically removed.’Currently, we are still trying to figure out what could be the cause of the phenomenon’, Chinese media quote one of the doctors who treat the child now. However, as a there is a hereditary genetic defect likely. So are the child’s father, a simple worker, that they had also had no teeth at birth. His parents would therefore receive him for months with only liquid food alive. When he later grew teeth, he had completely lost it again after a few years, to surprise a second set of junior teeth.

In the coming weeks, further medical tests to be made to the small Tian. After that, the boy is to obtain a set of artificial teeth as soon as possible in order to lead a normal life despite his handicap can.

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