Attacked the gas pump: Picture sports reporter must incarcerated 13 months in Landsberg prison

Attacked the gas pump: Picture sports reporter must incarcerated 13 months in Landsberg prison

Munich – new addition to the Landsberg prison: Image -Sportreporter Klaas Reuter, who has robbed a gas station in the nearby Kaufering last week, now has for several months in jail. The court in keeping with his desire’ because of its proximity to his family’ in the Landsberg prison to be laid. Even his’ beloved digital camera, an heirloom [s ] of a great-grandfather,’ may take Reuter. The motive for the killing was unclear, according to prosecutors in Munich.

‘ I just read a report about Hoeness in the newspaper when he unmasked Crazy walked in, rumfuchtelte with a Swiss Army knife, gave his name to the camera and asked for 100 euros in small bills’, the 42- recalls year-old gas station attendant Holger Wissling to the horror afternoon.

Seemed strange satisfied with his arrest: Reuter Wissling immediately alerted the police,’ a quarter of an hour later,’ intercepted the apparent first-time offenders amateurish at the gas station exit. According to the police report the perpetrator acted despite arrest’ very quiet, attentive’ and wrote everything.

Klaas Reuter was until his arrest at the Munich regional edition of the Image newspaper for the area of ​​sports jurisdiction and by his own admission to friends’ currently working on something big turn’.

To regrettable find some of his colleagues that Reuters research just now had to end at the height of his career. Others speak of a happy coincidence, as now without Hoeness in Bavaria Sport anyway not much happened.

Reuter itself did not comment on his subject so far, and the Axel – Springer -Verlag silent. Representatives of the Image newspaper, however, have the Jonah repeatedly visited and probably well persuaded him in hours of interviews. At least let this suspect their full Notebooks.

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