Attacked European Central Bank robber captured 1.14 trillion euros

Attacked European Central Bank robber captured 1.14 trillion euros

Frankfurt – A record-breaking sum lunch today a robber ( ECB) captured in a raid on the European Central Bank in Frankfurt. The man, who has since been identified as a petty criminal named Kalle Kowalski ( 43), currently at 1.14 trillion euros on the run. The district Ostend is completely sealed off.

According to the police the theft because of various offenses convicted Kowalski entered against 12th 43 clock the foyer of the building and threatened the lady at the main switch with a bread knife. From their colleagues frightened he then had to pay off in a brown jute bag around 1.14 billion euros in the form of 50- and 100 – euro bills. Then he fled with his booty on his back. Fortunately no one was injured.

The police are looking for this man. First evidence indicates that acted Kowalski, who escaped in a beige Opel Kadett, apparently alone. There are also indications that the invasion of the ECB was not planned well. Show security cameras, as Kowalski about 15 minutes earlier attempts with stocking mask over his head to get into a nearby savings bank. He failed, however, because the store had closed for lunch. Only after he drove apparently spontaneously to the European Central Bank, which has been badly hit by the attack.

‘ Normally we do not have much cash in the house,’ says a department head of the Institute. But by the current from the Boulevard as’ Draghi bomb’ designated trillion program is the Tresor is so bursting at the seams. All gone ! We still do not know how we should now explain the euro member countries, complains the man. Perhaps we would rather have not we should just compromise on safety but can actually even print money.

It is still unclear where Kowalski has fled and whether he plans to settle abroad. Investigators fear, however, that the 43 -year-old could use some of his loot to buy a country in South America or Africa, and then hiding there. His studio near the station is already under surveillance. Kowalski’s ex-wife Tina R. is currently being questioned by the police, but wants to have known nothing of the matter. They hope, however, that’ the bastard now at least his alimony’ pay.

The police now ask all citizens to their assistance. Who knows Kowalski? Who was in the scene near and saw something? For information leading to the apprehension of the fugitive, the European Central Bank is offering a reward of 120 billion euros.

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