Attack on Charlie Hebdo quite great for Islamists and Islam haters

Attack on Charlie Hebdo quite great for Islamists and Islam haters

Paris – Islamists and Islam haters around the world currently feel once more confirmed in their view of the world in the face of a terrible attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo with at least 12 dead. While Islamists are especially proud to have spread fear and terror again, Islam haters enjoy the perfect moment to rush into the social network against minorities and immigration. Both sides can look forward to large audiences.

‘ Allah is great ! ” exclaims an IS- sympathizer ( 24) from Bochum who has read the message circulating on the Internet and it is not disturbing finds that the assassin his God in the cartoons vengeful mind of an irascible three -year-olds underneath.’ This act will encourage many more martyrs and show the unbelievers, what we think of their Western values.’

Similarly satisfied Islam haters and right-wing populists’ ! Because these do-gooders finally see that Islam overrun Europe,’ says about a passionate PEGIDA protesters (33 ) from Dresden.’ And then I’ll also accused of being a Nazi ! On Monday we will now be even more determined.’

a less good day today had the overwhelming majority of those people who just live in peace and do not want anything to do with such extreme positions including Muslims, Christians, followers of other religions, agnostics and atheists.

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