Apple offers orb and scepter as accessories for the Golden Apple Watch

Apple offers orb and scepter as accessories for the Golden Apple Watch

Cupertino – not just Apple’s SmartWatch is currently causing a stir on the Internet and the new accessories for smart clock makes for conversation. Especially the complementary set for the Gold Edition Apple Watch out scepter ( Scepter Apple ) and orb (Apple Apple ), indicating the prices of the company from Cupertino with 44,398 euros, is praised by many as a new design milestone.

‘ status now has two exciting new forms’, Apple advertises on its website for the new products in 18-carat gold. The features are minimalistic: Using Bluetooth, the user can connect two devices wirelessly with his Apple Watch and synchronize. Other features do not exist, but stresses Apple that Apple Apple Apple scepter and have mainly a representative role.

So far, the response to the new products is positive.’ With the new Apple Apple Apple has outdone itself’, writes the influential US tech journalist Walt Mossberg, who was able to test the equipment before its launch on 24 April.’ The apple is full and round in the hand and is surprisingly light for its size. Scepter, apple and SmartWatch synchronize within a few seconds and then act as a unit.’ The complete ensemble’ll last the best sitting in a chair pompous.

The only complaint is the short-lived battery of the device, which can be necessary to recharge after at least 18 hours. But this supposed shortcoming is for real Apple fans to enjoy at least when the exclusive triple – charger Apple Recharge of platinum ( from 22,300 euros ), which also is for charging Apple scepter Apple Apple and Apple Watch now in stores, to use.

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