Al – Qaeda takes over responsibility for million – record run of Charlie Hebdo

Al - Qaeda takes over responsibility for million - record run of Charlie Hebdo

Sanaa, Paris – The Yemeni offshoot of the terrorist network al- Qaeda has today officially known to be responsible for the attacks of Paris, and hence for the sold millions of copies of the latest issue of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. This acknowledged the terrorist association, it had increased the proliferation of Mohammed cartoons and mockery against terrorists by about a factor of 1000.

understanding neither fun nor the rules of the Streisand effect: Terrorists’ We have recruited the assassin and they have acted,’ said one of the Yemeni leader, how could it happen that not only the old Mohammed cartoons Charlie Hebdo are now known worldwide, but also drawing on the new title page has reached an audience of millions.

Al – Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula therefore chose’ the goal, presented the plan and financed the operation’ which has brought the previously little-known satirical magazine record revenue and international fame.

Whether the plethora of other cartoons by artists from around the world who showed solidarity with Charlie Hebdo, was also planned, wanted al- Qaeda, however, do not comment.

Instead, threatened terrorist network already more attacks. However, experts estimate that al- Qaida has been training alone 72 million new assassin to mitigate the consequences of her last attempt to restrict freedom of expression.

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