After tough negotiations, EU Parliament President Schulz Tsipras persuaded to tie

After tough negotiations, EU Parliament President Schulz Tsipras persuaded to tie

Athens – It is a breakthrough in the negotiations between the European Union and the new government in Athens. After hours of negotiations, European Parliament President Martin Schulz succeeded the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras wrest the promise of the future to wear a tie at public meetings. In return, the EU signaled the green light for a haircut.

Either could look like the tie that will carry Tsipras future. The question is whether he can convey this admission within the party. Schulz was not an easy mission. The first official visit to the new Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras offered a lot of dynamite, as the EU has a clear, hard-hitting ideas. Be dancing on the nose would you not, be blackmailed certainly not. Four hours negotiated Schulz and Tsipras behind closed doors. The sound is said to be rough, both were repeatedly been raised by witness statements. But in the end there was a preliminary agreement.

‘The negotiations were open and constructive. Ultimately, our solid arguments can offer the young idealism Paroli,’said the visibly weary Martin Schulz afterwards.’ I respect the brash, dynamic appearance of Mr. Tsipras, but he has to accept that there are just some limits in the policy that are not negotiable.’

Something contrite remarked Tsipras, for negotiating a perceived first defeat is:’ Yes. I promised Mr Schulz, I would wear in the future for public appointments a tie. Although I was able to return out a debt deal for Greece, but the price is high. For Greece, I take this sacrifice to me.’

From now insiders leaked details. Thus, the agreement should also ensure that a set of five color-coordinated to Tsipras Shirts Ties is funded by the European Union. One wants Greece is not burdened with additional expenses.

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