Advisor: Everything you need to know about the solar eclipse

Advisor: Everything you need to know about the solar eclipse

A solar eclipse is still one of the most impressive what Mother Nature has to offer. No wonder, then, look tomorrow, Friday, also in Germany, hundreds of thousands in the sky. But I pity myself, when I look at the spectacle outdoors? And drowns the man in the moon during the cosmic ballet not in a sea of melted cheese? The postilion -Ratgeber has the answers to the key questions:

What happens during a solar eclipse

Does the eclipse not the slightest to do?: strange Photo – During a solar eclipse, the constellation of Sagittarius pushes in front of the Ascendant sun, so you must be prepared for unexpected calls an old friend and frustrations in love. Oh yes, it is a bit dark.

– The rare natural phenomenon lasts only about five seconds because of the large distance from the sun, the darkness, however, be observed about two and a half hours

– Decadent. While in this country are all head just because the sun even partially fails, seems in Australia for many children the sun at all.

Will there be shortages in energy supply?

power line shortly after the end of the eclipse – If you have invested in solar energy, you will be on Friday morning lose your house, your car and all your savings.

– During the eclipse remain all wind turbines, turbines, hydroelectric plants and geothermal facilities in the country are suddenly ( from left – green – versiffter solidarity with the solar systems ), so urgently build the energy companies four to eight coal-fired power plants over and all decommissioned so far must launch nuclear power plants again. The cost of this course, be passed on to consumers with a gross income of less than 2000 euros.

– Tip: pin out for security a few kilowatts of electricity from the power outlet. Backup power is best kept in the bath or – in a specially designated current bag ( Hardware, 19.99 ) – even better.


is good to see the eclipse? He knows where the eclipse takes place. – In The Sky. Where else? Man, man, man…

– Of course, the eclipse you can also view behind the photos of the many millions idiot who think they have to necessarily make a Selfie of himself and the solar eclipse. But be careful ! When viewing photos you can carry the same eye damage like a real eclipse

– Contrary to popular belief, it is blindingly bright throughout the duration of the natural phenomena on the sun. Who has the solar surface chosen for viewing the spectacle, is therefore likely to be disappointed.

What should I look for when observing?

This must not be! – Avoid it at all costs, unprotected to look towards eclipse even for a split second. Failure to comply immediately burst your eyeballs. In addition, many get a slight hiccup.

– advise the authorities, when viewing the eclipse ( with glasses !) to drive maximum in fourth gear or use the cruise control

– Important. Who does not want a solar eclipse fire to the whole body with eclipse cream ( at least dark protective factor should 22) rub.

Where can I get now a special pair of glasses from?

To see the correct special glasses from. – Special glasses are Germany far unfortunately almost sold out. Only’Muller’s beverage Eck’ in 65185 Wiesbaden and’ Frankas smaller craft store

– You have tried everything to get any special glasses and unfortunately no Dubelschnopf in the house? Move the eclipse just 40 days by sacrificing your first born child on an altar. Then you have enough time to get yourself a pair of glasses.

Note: The above- mentioned question of the man in the moon will be answered in our next big solar eclipse special in the year 2081.

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