Advisor: Everything you need to know about the sexism debate

Advisor: Everything you need to know about the sexism debate

Berlin, Hamburg – A #aufschrei goes by the Republic. Since has come out that the vinous anachronism Rainer Bruderle is a wine blessed anachronism, all speak of everyday sexism. But what exactly is actually in the debate? Those men and women of different species on? The postilion has bravely researched at the hotel bars of the Republic:

What the debate was triggered?

It all started with the fact that the FDP parliamentary leader Rainer Bruderle (67 ) has a journalist in a bar against their will be excavated clumsy. Since Bruderle was drunk, it took over a year until it is the Star documentation team managed to reconstruct the words of the already strong mumbling even when sober politician and publish the article. Example: Bruderle statement’ sknndrndlchsflln’ could either as’ you can fill in a dirndl well’ or’ How can never fall noodle salmon’ are understood

What’s up with #aufschrei on themselves. “? b7 >

the communications consultant Anne Wizorek has given the debate with the Twitter hashtag #aufschrei a new impulse. Until then #aufschrei was used by only a few clumsy people who have hit his foot.. Under the hashtag tweeting in the following ten thousands of women about their own experiences with everyday sexism, while aufgeilten at least as many sexist because

Has a plan: Bruderle How did Rainer Bruderle reacted to the allegations ?

So far, Rainer Bruderle has not officially expressed it. However, insiders report that the politician is planning to make its critics in private and to seduce one after the other. He also looks to the Star -Journalistin an apology,’ because she has her bosom held directly in my random lowered look.

How did the FDP react?

Except for some female members who are afraid that Bruderle then stares them in the ass, the FDP has asked concluded before leading candidate. At the same time, the party rejects the accusation vehemently reject the idea that this is a typical problem of liberals sexism: Instead, the FDP will be business as usual as soon as possible and be hated finally back to normal because of their policy.

Different cronies Those men and women in the same species?’ b7 >

The journalist Wibke Bruhns said on Sunday at Gunther Jauch that men and women are two different species. In fact, scientists have already found in the stone age that men and women belong to the same species. This is a good thing, because otherwise humanity would be extinct long ago. The police are now investigating after the new Animal Welfare Act, whether Wibke Bruhns in the past aware of sexual intercourse with a ( supposedly) other species had.

Subject sexism only adults?

Many are already in childhood first experiences with sexism. So claims about the little Timmy (9 ) stiff and strong, he would’ ever had a sexism’, as he has kept with the little Susi (9 ) from the parallel class hands.

How do we go from here?’ b7 >

Leading sexist political and economic hope that’ the apparent calm all at the same time be menstruating women again,’and they’ blow then a’. Leading feminists, however, want the’ tail -controlled Stelzbocke future wear blinders and 20 meters to a safe distance’. A possible compromise is probably somewhere in between.

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