Advisor: Everything you need to know about the planned NPD ban

Advisor: Everything you need to know about the planned NPD ban

Berlin – For years, discusses the policy banning the NPD, but fails repeatedly it. Many wonder therefore:’ NPD? Does not have anything to do with pastorisierten apples?’ This means you are in the discussion about the possible banning of a seditious 1.3 percent faction on the ball, the postilion has searched all the backgrounds of the method:

What is the NPD?

The NPD was founded in 1964 as a Rodent Breeder Party of Germany to represent the interests of rodent breeders. Only when the NPD in the 70s gradually became a reservoir of neo-Nazis and revisionists renaming followed in Nazionahldemokratische Pratei Doitschlands ( spelling errors were corrected in 1992 ). One of the greatest successes of the NPD include the construction of highways, the invention of the small drinking bottle of rabbit hutches and the founding of the magazines Neon and Azi .

Who is the NPD?

undercover agents at work ( Photo: Horvat, GNU FDL) The NPD consists of the following groups:

9 percent of former Nazis

14 percent midlife crisis – Nazis

10 percent neo-Nazis

6 percent right-wing rodent breeder of the first hour

3 percent illiterate, who thought they were in the FDP

57.9 percent constitutional protection that have been introduced to monitor composed mainly of constitutional protectors NPD

0, 1 percent risk-taking and Jews Homosexuals

By the way: NPD members are male to 73 percent because women do not often bring the most important criteria (small cock, short hair, buck it hanging out with Nazis )

Why. to the NPD be banned?

the NPD wants to ban other parties when it comes to power. To prevent such undemocratic activities, to the NPD (1.3% in the last general election ) are prohibited before coming to power.

What are the benefits of banning the NPD?

after the Nazi NPD ban Once the NPD is prohibited will see all the Nazis that they are on the wrong path, and in model citizens turn. Similar successes have been achieved in the past about the prohibition of drugs. Since drugs are illegal, they are consumed by any person. By anyone!

What are the risks?

Even if the closure case of success would be crowned the NPD could complain to the European Court of Human Rights against a ban and get right. Given the human rights contemptuous policy of NPD experts fear that this could lead polished to such over-concentration irony that the universe collapses.

What will happen to the undercover agents?

The undercover agents must be removed, then wait until the former NPD members have founded a new party. There, they can immediately re-enter and continue their work.

Who fights already active against the NPD?

Extremismusbekampferin: Schroder Several initiatives where funds are removed from Family Minister Kristina Schroder regularly, other initiatives do not receive any more money due to the required Kristina Schroder extremism clause, as well as various groups of Kristina Schroder as left-wing extremism are classified and controlled.

How can we get rid of the NPD has not been banned?

You could fight the NPD through democratic means. As you can see from the SPD and FDP, for example, leads a coalition with the CDU in just a legislature to vote losses of ten to 15 percent. A small party like the NPD would survive at Merkel’s side up to two months.

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