Advisor: Everything you need to know about the new five euro note

Advisor: Everything you need to know about the new five euro note

Frankfurt – Since 2 May is the new five – euro bill in circulation. Many wonder: Does it have to be? Can not anyone found a new party to recover the old five- euro bill? The postilion as always, has researched very carefully and shows the most important new features and functions of the new touch:

Basic Properties

How much costs of the new five- Price: the new five – euro bill can be purchased at any well-stocked bank for 5 euros ( recommended retail price). But be careful: Who pays for the new five – euro bill with a new five – euro bill, then still has only one (! ) New five – euro bill (so-called. Slip purchase paradox ).

Weight: The new five – euro bill weighs 0.71 grams proud 0.08 grams more than the old five- euro bill (0.63 grams). This means that even who is only half a million euros in fives in itself, is already loaded with 8 additional kilogram. Orthopedic surgeons will be pleased.

Taste The new five- dry taste with almond, smooth, slightly aromatic and velvety full-bodied with a slightly bitter finish. It goes well with roasts, game and hard cheeses

High -tech special functions

Tele control. Thanks to sophisticated nano technology, the new quintet also be updated later still controlled remotely by the ECB. On the square behind the’5′ one recognizes it all: In the case of runaway inflation, the nominal value can be increased by the switching of up to four zeros to a maximum of 50,000 euros. And: The letter’ ΕΥΡΩ’ disappear automatically if Greece and Cyprus leave the euro zone (have to).

One of the last places the cash takes Stripper function: By popular demand, the new five- optimized for a visit to the strip club. A protective layer ensures that the bill does not corrode when it comes into contact with skin. In addition, the bill gives off a gentle dose of an anxiolytic drug when its sensitive sensors perceive the proximity of the groin. Effect: The eroticism or service providers keep dancing.

Fake Security: In the new fiver so many fake fuses are installed, that even the pressure of a single certificate the European Central Bank will cost 7.53 euros. Thus the European budget is not too burdened by the expensive bill, the ECB has announced easy to print double the amount in order to pay the costs.

Other Applications

Go, but looks cheap cocaine sniff: The smooth surface of the new five is excellent for colds of cocaine and similar tipples without residue sticking to the bill. However, because of the low face value of the note should the typical consumers seem embarrassingly low, wait for real connoisseurs to the successive introduction of the new Hunderters, Two Hunderters and five Hunderters

Flyer tinker. For a flyer folded convinced the new fives with aerodynamics. However, he always flies automatically to Brussels.

barter: The new five – euro bill can be exchanged as a last resort against goods and services. One thing that is priced at 10 euros, is obtained already mostly for just two new five (VHB ). Even things that cost less than 5 euros, so can be purchased. But only if you’re willing to let this ugly metal disks to hand in return. But these can be easily disposed of in standing around hats.

What happens to the old certificates?

The ancient five- euro notes are for the 2 may. invalid and may not be used anymore in any case. Reader Service: You can Altscheine easily in a stamped envelope to the postilion Send editorial board, where they are then disposed of


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