Advisor: Everything you need to know about the moon

Advisor: Everything you need to know about the moon

Moon – exactly 45 years ago, the Moon by Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the moon, just after Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon was entered. The postilion has researched and presented for the occasion Luxury background knowledge ( served in brain just appetizers ) about our favorite guard, you have to read anywhere yet

History of the Moon

Gustav moon ( 1301-1357 ) – The moon was accidentally discovered in 1348 by astronomer Gustav moon after his wife during a marriage dispute Eureka threw an apple in his full bath. Completely independent of the astronomer looked half an hour later the heavens, and made ​​his discovery.

– First, it was thought that the moon was flat and used it for centuries for target practice. Its surface is therefore covered to date of craters.

– Out of concern for the structural stability of the moon in 1831 he declared by the British Royal Society for the ball.

– During the Cold War the moon caused a diplomatic upset when he chose neither political camp, which is why the Americans decided to invade from 1969

Physics of the Moon .

– NASA According to recent measurements of the moon is much larger than a plate, but smaller than the sun.

– That the moon is made of cheese, must be relegated to the realm of legends confidently. Rather, it consists of low-grade imitation cheese (ingredients: water, milk protein, palm oil, starch, emulsifier E471, flavoring, coloring E 150d ).

– The reduced gravity can only move on the moon backwards. But It seems as if you were walking forward (so-called. Moonwalk paradox ).

– The appearance of the moon varies over the course of his train circulation and goes through the following phases of the moon:

The moon landing

– The first landing was supposed to take place on the evening of July 20, 1969 was delayed by several hours because the astronauts had to wait until the moon had finally paid off.

Buzz Aldrin tried to do on the moon as if it were in a film studio – conspiracy theorists suggest that the moon landing did not – was recorded in a studio in Hollywood – as is commonly believed. To save you the cost of expensive scenes and actors, the US government should actually be flown to the moon.

– A romantic candlelight dinner by Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong on the moon failed because of the bad atmosphere

-. Whether the Americans were actually the first man on the moon, is controversial among historians. So are found among the records of the Icelandic explorer Leif Eriksson references to a mysterious Kåsland which he claims to have discovered during an expedition in 996.

– Since the landing of Apollo 17 on the 11th December 1972 has walked on the moon no longer human. Whether there will soon be manned lunar missions, is not foreseeable, since the moon has become an inhospitable wasteland since the landing of the Americans.

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