Advisor: Everything you need to know about the flu epidemic

Advisor: Everything you need to know about the flu epidemic

A look at German newspapers reveals: Ebola is out, the flu is in ! Because currently, more and more German are defeated in the prime of life of the infectious disease. Not always has to be the last resort of an emergency: How can you effectively protect and what you should consider when contagion, tells you of the postilion -Ratgeber about:

Why is the flu wave particularly hard this year?

Judging from their devious face can be seen that not eating well with this year’s flu cherries (due to risk of infection !). – At this year’s flu is the extremely dangerous H3N2 subtype. This is two H and N more than the H1N1, known as swine flu! What does this mean, anyone can calculate yourself

-. The vaccine, which is used in this year, not be as effective. For this, it tastes much better than in the previous year (fruity, natural finish, slightly peaty taste ) and is lactose free.

– Protect, Aries and bulls are particularly susceptible to flu viruses due to an unfavorable Mars – Venus constellation this year. Twins, however, are virtually immune and receive a mysterious message from an old friend.

How do I protect myself from infection?

From full-body suits is not recommended. Because once you have the flu with inside, you do not get them out again. – Always wear at work a condom or diaphragm.

– Wash your hands at least once per hour for 60 minutes with lukewarm water and whistle while a song.

– The flu spreads mainly by droplet infection. Be careful as possible not to breathe when you move around in public.

– Avoid doctor or hospital visits. As long as the flu is not diagnosed, you are not sick.

Should I get vaccinated

Bring unfortunately nothing: vaccination of small bottles – of which is generally not recommended. Many patients complain that the vaccination quite nasty stings and hurts even minutes after unpleasant. If you get vaccinated nevertheless, you should ask your doctor to give you advance at least two anesthetic injections.

– Timing is everything: he that smiteth his doctor within one second after injection in the face is in affect and can not be prosecuted

– A oral vaccination is not recommended.. The syringe could hurt the throat and esophagus

-. To distribute the vaccine optimally, you vaccinate only the affected body parts. In the nose colds, coughs neck.

What should I do when I’m sick?

sufferers can while away the boredom with the reading of thermometers. – Someone has been infected. Seek revenge on a cruel way to humanity by coughing so many in the face, how to

– doctors recommend. Drink as much as possible. The reason: Drunk can be a flu much better than endure sober

– Do you smoke menthol cigarettes.. They are just as effective as cough drops and thereby completely sugar free !

– shave his head, buy a black hat and start a crystal meth empire to allow your family after your death a carefree life


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