Advisor: Everything you need to know about circumcision debate

Advisor: Everything you need to know about circumcision debate

Cologne – Since the judgment of the Cologne Regional Court, thus the circumcision of minors for religious reasons was to be regarded as an assault, discussed throughout Germany. What is more important? Freedom of religion and the right to physical integrity? Now that the Bundestag voted overwhelmingly in favor of impunity circumcision, clears the postilion the most important questions on this sensitive issue:

Why is circumcision for Jews and Muslims so important

It is a commandment of God, which is also found in the book of Genesis in the Bible:’ but if a Male is not circumcised his foreskin, he shall be cut off from among his people, because he hath broken my covenant.’

Why, despite this extinction threat still uncircumcised people are and why God did not create man without equal foreskin is unclear. Even if God himself circumcised, is unfortunately not known.

Très Chic:’ Krokodil’ leather handbag What happens to the thousands of foreskins, which are separated every day

They are collected in so-called Altvorhaut containers, tanned and then?’ Krokodil’ leather handbags processed. Some of the most well-preserved foreskins be plastinated and sold after the exhibition’ Body Worlds’ as a souvenir.

Why do Jews and Muslims that circumcision is performed only in adulthood?

Similar to the Christian baptism is the risk that adults decide later against the ritual. So world religion is not to make.

How should the impunity of circumcision are regulated by law?

material for discussion the question provides for the correct statutory provision. The easiest way would be here probably a tiny little addition to 223 of the Criminal Code, the previously regulates offenses against the physical integrity

223 of the Criminal Code so far.

(1 ) If another person physically abused or damaged in health, with imprisonment up punished to five years or a fine.

( 2) The attempt shall be punishable. Additional to continue impunity after a circumcision to guarantee ( paragraph (3) and (3a ) courtesy of manageable relevance ):

(3 ) the offender has removed a part of the body of the victim, the fact remains unpunished, provided it involves the foreskin of the victim, provided that it was removed at the request of the guardian of the victim, provided the victim has a penis, provided the victim is a child, provided that the Guardian insured his inner conviction, the offense is imperative to the requirements of his invisible friend or after the membership requirements of a club, in this child should be taken according to the will of the guardian, indispensable, provided that this club is the worship of entities that according to the current state of scientific knowledge can not exist.

(3a ) The fact also remains unpunished in all cases in which the Federal Government determines that a punishment indeed carries with it the risk to pull a reputational damage for Germany to be or to us Komiker- to make the nation.

(3b ) The fact must not be performed if the affected male infant contradicts clearly and explicitly. The ancient Egyptians knew the circumcision, but led only to light-skinned men with What personal injury may cause parents without Jewish or Muslim background to their children?

So they are against Jews and Muslims not disadvantaged, should Christians, atheists and followers of other religions are also allowed to add their ( male ) children in the same scope as needed violence ( so-called’ Timmy clause’). In the discussion are:

15 hearty slaps within the first ten years of life


cutting off a lobule of their choice


son on the altar (only if God expressly desired)


regular forced to eat spinach

What is it with girls

girls -? at least in this country and in this debate – exceptionally fine out.

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