Advisor: Everything you about the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. need to know

Advisor: Everything you about the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. need to know

Rome – Habuimus Papam ! What no one would have thought possible, has come true: The Pope has resigned ( we reported). Since this is the last time in 1294 ( Celestine V ) happened, the uncertainty is now naturally large. The Vatican correspondent for the Papstillon has therefore researched very carefully and answer the now urgent questions:

Can a pope ever to resign

Yes, he can?. That it may not, has not so much to do with Christian charity as the fact that a tied and gagged forced Pope, who is carted from fair to fair, would not go down particularly well in public.

Is the Pope sick?

No, the withdrawal decision of Pope Benedict XVI. According to the Vatican Information is not due to an acute physical illness. What about the mental health of a man who thinks he is the representative of a fantasy character is invisible on earth, though it is unclear, but irrelevant to the exercise of the papal office.

Does the Pope Benedict XVI for his resignation. or Joseph Ratzinger?

Neither. For some reason, canon law provides that each Pope retired the name’ Fridolin Bumsquatsch the last’ wears.

Environmentally friendly alternative: Altpapstcontainer What happened to the old Pope after his resignation

There are two possibilities: Either Pope Benedict XVI. – Like any other pope in the last 500 years – buried on the day after the end of his term in a big ceremony and the tears of millions of believers.

Alternatively, it could also be deposited in a 24 Altpapstcontainern but that were everywhere erected for sustainability reasons in the Vatican.

Who does the official duties of 1 March until the election of the new Pope?’ b11 >

a temporary Pope from a temporary employment agency

climbing at night from her coffin and choose the Pope. members of the conclave How the new pope is determined?

All Catholics are encouraged in free democratic election to determine the / most appropriate / s successor / in. One of Benedict XVI. and its predecessors arbitrarily inserted men club determines the successor in a non-transparent ceremony.

What does Benedict XVI. after his resignation?

According to official data, Benedict wishes to withdraw for prayer and Bible study in a monastery. However, in the MMORPG World of Warcraft a dwarf priest ( Level 85) recently announced called’ Ratze’ known, he would have led a career change from March 1,’ finally more time to dungeon raiding.

loses the Pope his super powers?

No, Benedict XVI. may, in its resignation still go the same way as during his tenure over the water, flying and do not heal the sick namely. It also remains infallible.

Gets the Pope pension?

No. However, he could use his infallibility to win the lottery or to successfully play the stock market.

How might the future look like Benedict What clothes will wear Benedict in the future?

He is must be made visible through his wardrobe, he has to give up the papacy. As Benedict wants to go to a monastery and has become used as Pope on women’s clothes, many expect he will wear the gap of a nun. His Pope ring is destroyed after the end of his term, his Pope Intimschmuck he must sit and pass it on to his successor.

What God says to resign his highest-ranking servant on earth?

Gabriel, a spokesman for God, today announced:’ The withdrawal was done completely by consensus, at his own request, the Pope and the Holy Trinity and has nothing to do with the performance of Benedict XVI. or to do with the current situation in the table even if the press sometimes says otherwise.’

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