8 practical uses for the free picture and the Fall of the Wall anniversary

8 practical uses for the free picture and the Fall of the Wall anniversary

Berlin – for the 25th time on Sunday will mark the fall of the wall and every German knows what that means: The Free’Bild’ lands without permission in the mailboxes of the Republic and provides well for perplexity. But do not despair: The postilion has exclusively researched the best use of opportunities for you. Did you know for example, that the fall of the wall the wall could rebuild with all free’Bild’ newspapers? No? Then check out these helpful tips to:

. 1 To make fire

The Free’Bild’ is highly flammable and therefore is ideal to start a fire. As soon as it burns beautifully, you can dispose of it, for example, your free image. Where is the just?

. 2 When Love Tester

Give ago, the Free’Bild’ to check if your / enters our beloved / r the room. If your partner still with you, he really needs you love. However, you should / she left him immediately. Who wants to be with someone who is ready to love a’Picture – reader?

. 3 As a mirror

Scissors and Sellotape You can check out the free’Bild’ simply an issue of the weekly magazine” tinker mirror. Simply trim Oversized’Picture pages into format A4, stick together, done!

. 4 As tons of waste paper filler

Your paper barrel is hollow and empty? Unread’Bild’ Free newspapers are very useful as filler. And the best part: After being picked up by the garbage can from it even recycled toilet paper are produced (‘ upcycling’)

Warning:. ! Do not use directly as toilet paper

One of the great myths about the’ Picture’ newspaper is the widespread opinion, they lend itself perfectly as toilet paper. Although the newspaper is soft and crackles when wiping toasty but also turns sharply. If your butt then suddenly enters the CDU, the trouble is usually large.

. 5 When ceiling

In lonely, cold nights is the free’Bild’ affordable and effective ceiling. Thanks to the oversized format and a lot of hot air for hours she donates pleasant warmth.

. 6 To dumbing

You have the feeling that your friends will shun because you detailed look at the world and have ready a one-dimensional Haudrauf solution for any conflict? Each page’ Image’ costs at least a so’n IQ thing !

. 7 For cigarette rotating

With its Nordic format (400 570 mm ) is the free’Bild’ suited as cigarette paper. Just 700 to 800 grams of loose tobacco spread to one of the sides and roll up finished the People’s cigarette!

. 8 As a free’Bild’

Find the address of’ Picture’ editor in chief Kai Diekmann (Fig. Similar) out and throw him the free’Bild’ free in the garden unless of course, he She has previously requested in writing to stop it.

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