79 percent of all class clown find recent SPD election campaign silly

79 percent of all class clown find recent SPD election campaign silly

Berlin – The thought-provoking: A survey of students with behavioral problems in eleven different states found that four out of five missing class kaspern dignity and respectability in the current election campaign of the SPD. A majority of the respondents stated therefore that every stupid joke sometimes must end, if you still want to be taken seriously and liked.

Everyone can ever fall off the chair to make others laugh,’ are about Konrad ( 11) from Munich,’ but what the SPD is currently doing, is just embarrassing. It can also exaggerate’

vying for attention. Peer ( 66) Even Kevin (9 ) from Hamburg, who has just replaced the chalk in its class with tampons, criticizes.’ In the beginning it was still kind of funny to suddenly ask for less than four years after its own government involvement genuine social justice and so on. But after thirty felt pitfalls of Peer Steinbruck, slogan gate and confusion around the speed limit the whole Rumhampelei but slowly tiring. I do not think anyone still wants to sit next to them in the Bundestag.’

Nevertheless, a minority of the polling firm Opinion Control surveyed class clown holds to his comrades.’ Every community needs someone they can find funny, but also kind of weird and disgusting and the other drives livid but the FDP creates the re-entry into the Bundestag maybe not,’ said the eleven-year Torsten, who for a week last year was suspended from school.’ The SPD remains as our only hope. If they would stop hanging out with these green nerds, they are the perfect party.’

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