53 people of silly season crocodiles eaten, because media are busy elsewhere

53 people of silly season crocodiles eaten, because media are busy elsewhere

Dormagen, Schwandorf, Irsee – In recent weeks, at least 53 people are killed in Germany’s brutal crocodile attacks killed. The reason: because of the excellent news situation with spectacular conflicts around the world German media do not come to this year its really important task: the silly season coverage of crocodile sightings in German lakes.

‘ Once somewhere only the tip of the tail of a crocodile was spotted in the silly season in Germany, the journalists have in recent years it fell like the hyenas’, says media researcher Frank Delling home.’ Every little detail, even the blurry photo was published.’ The life-saving result: thousands of onlookers searched for the dangerous, yet shy animals, poking among the reeds and forced them to hide.

Another 22 people were trampled by uprooted cows to death only the attentive tabloid and local newspapers it is thanks to them that in the last decades, not a single crocodile victim was complaining.

But this year everything is different. The war in Gaza, the rise of ISIS in Iraq, the smoldering Ukraine conflict, the civil war in Syria, as well as numerous aviation accidents dominate the otherwise dominated actually crocodile sightings headlines this summer and make sure that plunge men clueless into the cool water.

The result: Alone south of Dormagen, where 20 years ago a summer slump crocodile for the first time ( Crocodylus fossae aestivae ) had been sighted, 17 people were attacked and eaten while bathing in the last days. Similar numbers of victims reported police and rescue workers from the Upper Schwandorf and from market Irsee in Bavaria.

in the media alone was also nothing to read. Until now.

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