Bielefeld – Sabine Gerlach from Bielefeld is overwhelmed. Thanks to the minimum wage law adopted by the federal government it deserves no less than about 1384 euros gross per month (8 Euros / hour), from 1 August 2015 as much as 1,470 euros (8.50 euros / hour). Now the 29 -year-old employee of’ Eberha ( a) must rd`s hair

Among other things, she plays with the idea to invest their newfound wealth in food and rent.’ Sure, that sounds completely lifted and a bit decadent, but I’m going to buy with the money real food’, the nouveau riche Bielefelderin.’ From the discounters. Not off the shelf with the almost expired food and not of the panels. I feel like a princess.’

luxury goods like these Gerlach will soon enjoy Even with the rent for their spacious studio’ll now not falling further behind.

A bit guilty Sabine Gerlach feels indeed know that they charged their debauchery, the German economy and forcing customers to pay more than 10 euros for a haircut (men with washing). But she finds, after twelve years as a hairdresser she had’ sometimes a little luxury in life deserves’. In addition, her boss let her now much more unpaid overtime work.

Criticism, they do not need as much money actually looks Gerlach left.’ True, I remain at the end of the month actually left another two to five euros, if all goes.’ But who wants to save the 29 -year-old claims to be, in order to buy 2017 or 2018, used washing machine.’ Sometimes I just like to treat myself to a little extravagance.’

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